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Fr David Ranson

Vicar General Diocese of Broken Bay




Fr. David Ranson is a priest of the Diocese of Broken Bay. He serves as Parish Priest of Holy Name Wahroonga, and Vicar General. For many years he was a senior lecturer in the Sydney College of Divinity, teaching in Spirituality at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, where he was also Academic Registrar until 2014. He holds a Master of Theology Honours degree from Melbourne College of Divinity and his PhD from Australian Catholic University. He commenced his Religious Life as a member of the Cistercian Order at Tarrawarra Abbey, Yarra Glen, Victoria where he was ordained in 1992. David has written numerous articles on spirituality and pastoral formation and is regularly invited to speak on issues of spirituality and pastoral formation. He serves on the NSW Civil Chaplaincies Advisory Committee.

He is the author of Across the Great Divide – Bridging Spirituality and Religion Today (St. Pauls Publications 2002), Living in the Holy Spirit: Elements of Catholic Spirituality (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, 2008) and The Paschal Paradox: A meditation on the contemporary challenge of priestly life (St. Pauls Publications, 2009), The Hospitality of Ministry (St Pauls Publications, Strathfield, 2012); and Between the Mysticism of Politics and the Politics of Mysticism (ATF Press: Adelaide, 2014).